• I want to thank you for your kindness in facilitating the Touch Tour. The sculptures, though very different from each other, were extremely interesting. Sharing with us your knowledge of the pieces put the works into context and enhanced our appreciation of the works. We continued to think about and reflect on the tour after the visit. Thanks again for a memorable experience.
    Michael and Margaret Nolan. London,UK
  • I greatly enjoyed the Touch Tour we undertook. My access needs were met perfectly and the guide was comfortable talking to my 6 year old daughter at a level she could understand. We touched a replica artwork which was fascinating and I also got to feel a lot of old familiar bronze artworks. It was lovely to re-familiarize and notice new aspects of my favourite little moving futuristic figure. Feeling motion in Bronze is something very special. I also liked the multi-sensory installation and overall it was a lovely mix of artworks, with multiple textures, and the descriptions of some of the paintings.
    Lynn Cox. Director, Art Coaching Training. London, UK
  • Thank you so much for taking us through the museum today. You have a natural rapport with people with disabilities and made both our V.I.P’s feel so special and involved. They really enjoyed the day and it actually made quite a few of us who were skeptical about visiting the museum want to come back for more.
    The Hyde Group. London, UK
  • I have finally had the chance to really explore MaMoMi’s website and i must say i am very grateful for such a thoroughly informative resource. Thank you for your important contributions to accessibility, the starting point for any potential visitor.
    Layla Ballner. Museum Exhibition Designer, Developer and Educator. Philadelphia, USA
  • The Touch Tours brought great art and great joy into my life. Despite my blindness, I was helped meaningfully to experience and connect with the beauty of human creativity, and its manifestations. I am eternally grateful!
    Isaac Lidsky. Founder, Hope for Vision. Florida, USA.
  • MaMoMi is an excellent group set up to guide visually impaired people around museums. They provide well-researched tours in a way that makes the exhibits accessible and highly relevant to visually impaired people, and are extremely friendly and helpful, working extremely hard to ensure that the needs of their tour groups are as well catered for as possible.
    James Hallam. IT Analyst, London, UK.

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